State Youth Assembly (SYA) is a model parliament and a private, non-denominational, nationwide, non-prot organization created in 2013 to promote the total development of social and human rights of the most vulnerable groups and to contribute towards national progress. For achieving this aim the State Youth Assembly is helping the young people in acquiring education, making youth aware about their rights and duties so that they are brought to the main stream of the society.

SYA provides an intellectual platform for the youth of the country in order to groom and enhance their interests and talents and utilize them towards something productive for the betterment of our country.

The State Youth Assembly’s mission is to provide opportunities for youth to participate in a broad range of educational and social activities designed to inspire and empower youth to discover their strengths and utilize their full potential.

State Youth Assembly (SYA) is initiated by young leaders for the Development and Training of Youth, to inculcate democratic culture in the youth and to bring young leaders on one platform.

The specic objectives of State Youth Assembly (SYA) are to educate the Youth about politics and democracy and to demonstrate them how Parliament works. It is a youth centered Institute where the youth’s heart is experiential learning to spearhead a Youth Led Development Model. We bring young people on a journey to discover themselves, environment and ultimately help them to nd the place in society


The State Youth Assembly (SYA) is a unique platform runs on a voluntary basis. It is a self-dependent Institute dedicated to rendering youth development services more effective, efcient and equitable so that they may deliver faster and smarter missions resulting in a stronger impact. To provide a platform for the “Youth” where they cannot only groom and enhance their interests and talents but also can utilize them towards something productive for the betterment of our nation and country.


  • To train and build future leaders.
  • To involve youth in developmental activities and
  • The focus is on creating awareness about
    history/background, UN resolution and their
    consequences about Kashmir issue.
  • To give moral and academic support to the Youth of
    Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan in general.
  • To enhance dialogue with key stakeholder on
    promotion of Youth’s involvement in policy making and
    developmental initiative

    • To ensure greater involvement of youth in Regional
      and International process.
    • Youth competitions for improving the Social and
      Cultural outlook.
    • To save and protect the environment
      Women empowerment
      Empowerment of Person with Disabilities (PWDs).
    • To address the National and International issues to
      overcome the barriers regarding Education and
    • To provide Parliamentary Environment to the Youth.
      To give a voice to the Youth in Development and
      Governance issues.